You must unlearn what you have learned.

As with many things in life (I’ve mentioned this before) there are things in life you can hear over and over again and it never makes sense. Then one day they do because you were not ready to understand.
I’ve often read various martial artists, kendoka in particular saying that they got to a point where they had done okay and then realised they knew nothing, and were doing it all wrong. I never completely understood this until now. 

After my previous nidan failure I responded myself that I had to go back to the beginning again and retrain the basic things I’ve let slip by the way a little. Yoda’s words never rang so true. 

Yet again I now feel it’s obvious to me why I did not pass but also I now know how to fix it. It’s fundamental things that I need to get right again. Pushing in properly into an attack. I’ve become static, waiting for someone to attack so I can counter attack. Great for winning a point but useless for demonstrating my kendo.

I think it’s a bit of an arrogance on my part in that I assumed I was doing the correct thing and I should pass easily. My Sensei quite rightly pointed out that this is nidan and I have to get in and attack. Control the distance and attack with an opportunity or make one. Sitting back and waiting for a good debana is not the right level I should be training. 

Yet again I feel a little more confident in my next grading because I now have some things to work on. I’m not shooting in the dark. Also it’s a bit closer to the last grading so it’s still fresh in my head. 


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