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I love to write.

Listed bellow are all the things I have written over the years along with anything new I am working on and some things that are still work in progress.

As with all my work, please excuse the typos, grammatical errors and miss-spelled words. I am only now starting to get better with my grammar and spelling and most of these are at a fairly early draft stage.

NOTE: All characters not originated by myself are copyright of their respective owners and original authors. If you have any issues with anything I have published on this site, please contact me by email and I will remove anything that should not be here. Please don’t sue me.
Only my original work is posted here with the view to making any money from it, the rest is not for profit.


OOLite Fiction

Below you will find my fan fiction stories based on the space combat, trading game OOlite. I always loved Elite as a kid and now OOlite has sparked that interest again and inspired me to write some stories.

Mostly Deadly
A hedonistic woman with no direction has to deal with her past life catching up with her and maybe giving it purpose once more.

Mostly Deadly EPUB
Mostly Deadly PDF

Assassin #5
A failed Galcop experiment, betrayal, revenge and a whole heap of pain.
This particular piece will form the back story for my own OOlite character.



I Am Legend
Back before the general Hollywood atrocity that was I Am Legend came out, myself and a few friends decided that filming a version of I Am Legend that was true to the book would be a pretty easy thing to achieve.
I spent around 8 months working on a screenplay for the film and came up with something that I thought was pretty good and most of all, scene perfect to the book. Then I went looking to see who had the rights to it. They were already gone. 10 months later the Hollywood version came out. Gutted or what.
I feel like I know this book inside out now after reading, re-reading and then translating to script form. One day maybe.

Download I Am Legend Screenplay


Resurrection – A Star Wars fan film screenplay
Back when I was playing about with video editing and effects packages, a package called AlamDV was given away free on the cover of PCWorld (I think) and seeing as we all had the Star Wars bug at this time, myself and a couple of friends decided to have a go at making a fan film.
Although we never got to the stage of filming this we did some test footage and I also built some lightsabre props (find details of those on the Stuff I’ve Built page).
I thought the story line was a little better than most, not just a lightsabre fight and some token dialogue.

It’s the story of two young Jedi from different time periods, a Sith with sinister plans for the galaxy and what happens when they all get mixed up.

Oh and George, please don’t sue.

Download Resurection Screenplay


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