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While working on Mostly Deadly, I found I had the need for a utility that allowed me to look up details on planets while looking at the galactic map.

Firing up OOlite just to look at planets was a bit of a drag and checking out planet details, on different galaxies was not easy to do and interrupted my writing flow too much, so OOliteInfo was born.

OOLiteInfo v0.2

Now re-written in Python and should be fully cross platform. Please report any bugs you may find:

Windows users will have to download Python 2.7, wxPython and NumPy.
Download Here

You will also need to have Python, wxPython and NumPy installed. The following Links are what I used to develop, but you may have to download the 32 bit versions for your OS.
Python 2.7.2  64Bit – Windows 64 Bit
wxPython 1.6.1 – Windows 64 Bit
NumPy (Follow this link and download –‌exe

32Bit Windows Links to follow.
Linux Instructions to follow

General Features:

  • Click to select Multiple planets for tagging.
  • Search by name.
  • Zoomable galaxy map with mouse wheel and buttons.
  • Currently calculates jump distances as source spreadsheets are wrong. Will correct for v0.3


Previous Windows only release written in Visual Basic here:
Download Here


Feature requests / Forthcoming Attractions.

  • Add co-ordinates of planet clicked and current cursor position
  • Make the political maps work. (Future release)
  • Make planet finder not case sensitive and find across all galaxies
  • Improve the found planet indicator.
  • Zoomable map (Maybe, in the future.)
  • Jump route plotter/planer. Click planet to planet.
  • Filters, by planet type, government, etc.

Bugs / Required fixes

  • Adjust display method to use layers for planets, jump routes, political maps, background grid?
  • Species description can overflow box.
  • About box messes up main display.
  • Improve refresh.

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