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OOLiteInfo3D Release

I am please to announce the release of OOliteInfo3D.


This should expand on the work I have done in OOliteInfo to use VPython and a 3D interface.

In order to run it, you will need to download VPython and Python. The dependencies here are much less troublesome than previous versions of OOLiteInfo as the interface is pretty much self contained.





OOliteInfo v0.2 Release

After a small amount of persuasion from members of the OOlite forum, I have re-written OOLiteInfo to use Python and wx so it should now run on WIndows, Linux and MacOS.

Please go to the Programs page, download and let me know if you have any problems with it.

Later on I will attempt to make a distributable package of it.



OOliteInfo First Release.

Here it is, my first release of OOlite Info.

I’m sure it’s a bit buggy at the moment, the refresh is a little funny and not everything in it works, but it shows all planets, jump routes and allows you to click on planets to show info.

Please give it a try feedback any problems.

Go to the Programs page to download.


The Theramist