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Avatar – The film I wanted to hate.

For ages I have been lamenting the fact that there really haven’t been very many decent Sci-Fi films for quite some time, Moon and District 9 being a couple of exceptions.

So, at the weekend myself and the family sat down and watched Avatar on the HD on demand service. I’ve been avoiding watching it because I thought I was going to hate it and it’s in my nature to want to hate big budget films that have one word reviews such as “Astounding” and “Stunning”.

Every thing I had seen about it before hand had told me I would not enjoy it and probably had it spoilt by the Overthinking It article.
The upshot when it finished wasn’t that I hated it. It made me angry, but for the right reasons. I wasn’t angry about how it had been done, or that the dialog terrible, or the CG was bad. I was angry because the story line made me angry, but in the right way.

I’ve always said that art of any description has to do something to you. Well, despite what I thought it was going to be like, it moved me in a way I didn’t expect. I wasn’t expecting for it to provoke an emotional response in the way it did.

Oh… Spoiler alert by the way…

It made me angry because of the actions of the corporation guys and marines in the film. I got to the end and thought to myself that there is no way that anyone or any corporation would act in that fashion. Am I naive?

My wife saw it somehow a little different. She interpreted as more of an observation of events that have happened before within our own world. Oh heaven forbid that a Sci-Fi movie should make a commentary on real life. She also picked up on the very clever way that all the accents of the aliens within the film were a kind of mix and cross section of most of our tribal cultures.

I guess I expected Avatar to be a kind of spiritual, eco piece of space opera that was all style and no substance, but in fact it was a metaphor piece with a decent storyline. Okay it had a few cliche points but pretty good.

All in all, much better than I expected and very different than I expected. Also, to boot, visually brilliant.

The Theramist