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Mostly Deadly Coming soon.

Formerly posted on the Oolite forums coming soon will be the completed version of Mostly Deadly.

I have lots of hook lines I could use but it would give the story away too much I think.

To be honest I thought it would be finished much sooner than this but I just keep adding more complexity to the story.
There is a whole piece of back story in there that I could add but I think I’ll save it for another time, besides I’ve got something else I want to work on after this is finished.

If you really want to be teased a little more, have a look at the writing page. It also has details of my other writing projects that will be uploaded when I have time.


The Theramist


Greetings everyone,

I intend this blog to be a general, eclectic mix of articles about many different subjects. Lots of things computer related from hardware/software setup to operating systems, HPC’s, servers, retro equipment, music, mechanics, guitar stuff and any general musings I have to offer.

It’s mainly a focus point for me and practise and force me to write things a bit more and help me get my book finished. In the past I have written screenplays, short stories and articles. I am attempting to get my writing juices flowing focusing towards writing for a living.

Any requests for articles will be acknowledged and I will endeavour to write on any subject requested of me.

Finally the name.
Using my mix of tastes and skills in electronics, computers, music and building stuff just for the hell of it, I built a Theramin using instructions I found on-line.
Therefore, I am….

The Theramist